How To Get The Dark Spiritual Orb In All Star Tower Defense (ASTD) 2022

How To Get The Dark Spiritual Orb In All Star Tower Defense (ASTD). In the anime-based game of the same name on Roblox, players use various goods and power-ups that appear in a variety of different Anime and Manga series. With the use of Orbs, which may be acquired by successfully completing various Raids, Challenges, and Trials, players can access a variety of anime-inspired skills or buffs. Even better, you may exchange gems for orbs in the orb shop.


Dark Spiritual Orb is one of the game’s most potent and elusive Orbs. The last upgrade of this Orb allows users to harm flying troops and slow down foes. Therefore, we will explain in this article how to obtain the Dark Spiritual Orb in All-Star Tower Defense.

How to Get The Dark Spiritual Orb in Roblox All-Star Tower Defense

Dark Spiritual Orb In All Star – You must first finish Challenge 3, also referred to as the Bleach Challenge, in order to obtain the Dark Spiritual Orb In All Star. This is due to the fact that the adversary troops and bosses are modeled from the Bleach anime and manga series. Now, it’s crucial to keep in mind that in order to access and finish Challenge 3, you must be Level 100 in the game.


How To Get The Dark Spiritual Orb In All Star Tower Defense (ASTD)
How To Get The Dark Spiritual Orb In All Star Tower Defense (ASTD)

Since Challenge 3 is the last one in the Roblox ATSD, it is obviously no little task. In contrast to the customary 15-round matches, the Challenge has a total of 16 rounds. The Elementals, a type of enemy with unique skills and attack patterns, are also present. These enemies are challenging because only a certain combination of manual skills and a particular kind of unit can beat them. In comparison to the previous challenges, the mobs are also much more resilient and have a higher health bar – Dark Spiritual Orb In All Star.

The Challenge’s last round, or Wave 16, will start when the game’s final boss spawns. All of the characters in the arena who are not from the Bleach anime will now be stunned for 60 seconds when this boss spawns. Additionally, they won’t be able to move around at that time. All characters save Souma, Whis, SusanO-O, and Lance Mech are in agreement with this. You must act swiftly and kill the boss as soon as it appears since it will assault the base for 55 damage every 30 seconds unless you do.

You can use the Dark Spiritual Orb to improve your Ikki (Dark) Ichigo unit in All-Star Tower Defense after completing the Final Challenge. Check out this Tier List of all the characters in this game if you liked this article and want more information on the subject.

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Trivia – Dark Spiritual Orb In All Star

  • Onwin’s damage-boosting % can be raised by using the Fire Rage, Bomba, and Prey Eye Orbs. The 200% cap is still there, but using one of the orbs makes it possible to get there more quickly.
  • The Cost Orb and the Prey Eye Orb are the only two orbs that can be attached to Money Units because they lower the price of the units.
  • The first orb to experience a gem price rise from 3000 to 3750 was the Potara Earrings. Due to their new application to Kura, the Death Orb did likewise in the 9/25/21 update (Darkness). The price of the materials also increased.
  • Rose Orb was able to work on Ultra Koku Black on November 14th, 2021, but was deleted soon after owing to how defective it was.
  • The only orbs that have no impact on a unit’s damage are the Operator Orb, Blueeye Orb, God Earring Left and Right Orbs, and Cost Orb.
  • The Joestar’s mark on their left shoulder in JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure is probably the inspiration for the PinkStar Orb.
  • Previously, the Limitation Orb could be placed on Gen (Final), but it was immediately taken away because it was far too powerful.

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