Grand Piece Online Map (GPO Map 2022)

Grand Piece Online Map (GPO Map): Comprehensive Map with Information About All Islands and Locations Bosses, level requirements (or recommendations), buyable, and drops


Grand Piece Online Map – First Sea Full Map

Below are details regarding buyable, level necessary (or suggested), bosses, and drops.

Grand Piece Online Map – First Sea Full Map
Grand Piece Online Map – First Sea Full Map

Grand Piece Online Map – GPO Map Second Sea Full Map

Grand Piece Online Map – Second Sea Full Map
Grand Piece Online Map – Second Sea Full Map

The Second Sea is a stage of the First Sea that is more advanced, where you can Speak with the monkey at Reverse Mountain will lead you to the Second Sea, which differs from the first sea in some ways.


Second Sea is not advised for anyone with a level below 350 because it provides significantly more loot at a higher cost.

Getting Into Second Sea

First, you must reach Level 325 in order to enter the Second Sea. Next, you must obtain a World Scroll from the shrine near Marine Base G-1, which is located to the northwest of that base (These scrolls’ respawn time is 10-15 Minutes). You must next go directly west from Sphinx Island to Reverse Mountain, where you can offer the monkey the World Scroll to get entrance to the GPO Map Second Sea. From Reverse Mountain, you will spawn on Rovo Island, and your spawn will be automatically established here.

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Grand Piece Online Map – Locations

Grand Piece Online Map (GPO Map)
Grand Piece Online Map (GPO Map)

GPO Map Starting Locations

  • Rowboat, Caravel, Den Den Mushi, Potions, Wooden Planks, Hammer, Cannon Balls, Shovel, Shotgun, Town of Beginnings (any level) – Purchaseables Bandit Boss, Eye Patch > Cannon Balls, Pistol, Rifle – Drops (50%)
  • Military Fort F-1 (any level) – Consumables > Drops > None – None

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GPO Map Sea of Phoeyu Map Locations

  • Level 10 Sandora: Purchaseables: None; Drops: Lucid, Bazooka (25%)
    Shell’s village (Level 20): Buyables: Galleon, Hammer, Potions, Barrels; Drops: Logan, Metal Jaw (25%)
  • Mink Combat (Electric Fighting Style) – Drops > Zou Inhabitants, Carrot (50%) > Zou (Level 30) – Purchaseables
  • Black Leg – Purchaseables > None for Baratie (Level 40)
  • Drops > Star Clown, Buggy Cape (10%) – Purchaseables > None – Orange Town (Level 50)
  • Any level of Mysterious Cliff: Purchaseables > Rokushiki: Drops > None
  • One-Sword-Style, Katana – Purchaseables > None, Roca Island (any level)
  • Any level of Colosseum – Purchaseables > None – Drops > None
  • Gorilla King, Gorilla King Crown (5%) – Purchaseables > None – Drops – Sphinx Island (Level 60)
  • Busoshoku Haki – Purchaseables > None for Kori Island (Level 80)
  • Arlong Park (Level 80) – Drops > Arlong, Kiribachi (5%) – Purchaseables > None
  • Drops from Gravito’s Fort (Level 160): Gravito, Hoverboard (1%), Gravito’s Cape (5%), and Gravity Blade (5%).
  • Cave of Fishman (any level) Drops > None – Purchaseables > Bubble
  • Buyables on Fishman Island (Level 190) Drops > Fishman Karate > None
  • Ryu, Shark Necklace (5%) in Ryu’s Palace (Level 210) – Purchaseables > None – Drops (5%) Ryu’s Blade
  • Colosseum Fishman (any level) Neptune’s Throne (Level 230): Purchaseables: None; Drops: None Neptune, Neptune’s Trident (1%),
  • Neptune’s Crown (5%); Purchaseables: None; Drops: None
  • Flame Admiral Zeke, Marine Captain Cape (10%), Captain Zhen, Captain Zhen’s Cape (5%), Bisento (1%), Marine Base G-1 (Level 240) –
  • Purchaseables > None – Drops
  • Island of Elo (Level 260) Elo the Bunny is the best drop out of all the buyables. Elo’s Hammer (5%), Hoodie (5%–25%), Rainbow Halo (5%),
  • Wonder Balloons (5%), Star Shades (5%), and Mini Bunny (5% each) are the lowest percentages.
  • Island of Coco (any level) Diable Jambe is a purchaseable, and there are no drops from this level of Sea Best Rough Waters. Instead, there are drops from this level of Sea Serpent’s Core (1%), Slayer Armor (1%), Seabeast Katana (5%), and Slayer Helmet (1%). Unexpected Fruit (3%)

GPO Land of the Sky Map Locations – GPO Map

  • Any level of Heaven’s Gate has no purchaseables and no drops.
  • Any level of Sky Town District 1 – Purchaseables > Potions – Drops – None
  • The Tree (level 125) – Purchaseables > skypiean Glide Ability – Drops > Bruno, Burn Bazooka (5%) Sky Town District 2 (level 105) –
  • Purchaseables > None – Drops > None
  • Sky Castle (level 111): Purchaseables: None; Drops: Guardian’s Helmet (5%), Head Guardian, and Skyblue Katana (5% each).
  • Aerial Colosseum (any level) – Drops > None – Buyables > Potions
  • Level 145: Malcom’s Lair – Buyables Drops > Malcom, Shotgun (0%), none
  • District 3 of Sky Town (level 135) – Drops > None – Purchaseables > None
  • Golden City (level 155): Kenbunshoku Haki is a purchaseable item. Enel, a golden staff (5%), and tomoe drums (1%) are drops.

GPO Map Second Sea

  • Level 325 Desert Kingdom: Purchaseables: Eternal Pose, Karoo Mount, Karoo Food; Drops: Kingdom Guard Outfit, Cho’s Crown, Crab Cutlass, Pharaoh Akshan’s Cape, Golden Hook Sashi Island (level 325) – Consumables > Musashi’s Hat, his Rose Katana, his Crimson
  • Katana, and his Karuta Spirit Island (Any Level) – Buyables > 2 Sword Style – Drops > Colosseum of the Arc Busoshoku V2 (Any Level) –
  • Purchaseables > Eternal Pose – Drops > Gift of Shield / Festival Shield, Gift of Outfit / Santa’s Outfit, Winter Wonderland (level 350), Rough Waters (level 325) – Drops > Sea Serpent Kraken, Gift of Tall Hat/Tall Elf Hat, Gift of Horns/Reindeer Horns, Gift of Rudolph/Hat,
  • Rudolph’s Gift of Beard/Beard, Santa’s Gift of Armor/Bell Armor, Gift of Scarf/Peppermint Scarf, Gift of Tree/Festival Tree Hat, Gift of Lancer/Festival Lancer

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