New World PvP weapon tier list – 2022 Best Weapons for PvP Ranked

New World PvP weapon tier list – 2022 Best Weapons for PvP Ranked. Tier List of New World PvP Weapons With the list of levels we’ve provided, pick the best weapons for PvP in New World. Don’t miss any information and continue reading!

Great performance in any player-to-player game ultimately comes down to the player’s talent. We still believe that selecting the proper tool for the job requires just as much skill as pressing a button. It’s wise to at least be aware of the challenges you face and the exercises you are doing, as well as how they compare.

The majority of the game’s PVP content operates in much the same way as MMO in New World. It is preferable to enter a PVP arena prepared with the appropriate gear than to enter blindly and wonder what will happen. We’ve listed the top PVP in the New World because meta is a key factor in choosing the finest weapons.

New World PvP Weapon Tier List

New World PvP weapon tier list
New World PvP weapon tier list

New World PvP Weapon Tier List – Tier S

  • Rapier: This one-handed weapon is a true “slasher by a thousand cuts” in PVP due to its incredible speed and highly strong thrust and slams damage.
  • Ice Gaunlet: One of the most crucial elements of expert-level combat in PVP is effective crowd control. The Frost Gauntlet shines in this regard.
  • Sword & Shield: With swords and a board, you can survive long enough to turn any combat in your favor. There are more methods to manage the fight than sheer CC.
  • The use of the life staff, the best weapon for healing and support, is crucial in PVP as well as in all other situations. If you are not alive, you cannot kill.

Tier A

  • Spear: In PVP, spears stand out for their flexibility. You can exploit your opponent’s weaknesses by adapting to their playstyle and weapon of choice.
  • Fire Staff: The PvP arena is a natural setting for fire magic given its overwhelming destructive power. Realizing your full potential requires proper placement.
  • Bow: The bow allows you to penetrate your opponents with arrows (and poison) from a distance due to its quick rate of fire and good agility.

Tier B

  • Great Axe: The Great Axe is a good option for durability and damage in PVP when self-healing is crucial. Due to its poor speed, it was obstructed.
  • Blunderbuss: This weapon can help you win easily or it can entirely go wrong and cause you to lose. It is an unreliable option because everything depends on the opponent’s setup.
  • Voice If you have a solid game strategy, Gaunletts: Debuffs and hex are essential in PVP, but you can’t count on your adversaries to play without restraint.

Tier C

  • Warhammer: It can deal a ton of damage, which is impressive, but what’s the use if it has to swing continuously?
  • Axe: The axe is a respectable but not exceptional weapon. You accidentally shoot yourself in the foot by using Sword and Shield there.
  • Musket: This weapon has the same drawbacks as the Warhammer in that it can cause a lot of damage on impact. On reload, they will be broken up into fragments.

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