Roblox Force Trello – Best Race, Faction & Weapon 2022

Hi there, We’re glad you’re here, Roblox Force Trello. We will demonstrate the best races, weapons, and factions for Roblox Force in this Trello. The ROBLOX game FORCE [PRE-ALPHA] is being created by Angeroast. The Star Wars universe alternate reality in which FORCE is set is one in which the corrupted authoritarian Empire defeated the Resistance and completely wiped them out.

As a result, those Resistance members who survived the war were forced to flee to other planets in search of safety and a chance to live out the rest of their lives in peace without any hope of overthrowing the Empire.

Roblox Force Trello [PRE-ALPHA]

Roblox Force Trello – Best Race, Faction Weapon
Roblox Force Trello – Best Race, Faction Weapon

Beginner Guide

You recently joined the game and are absolutely unsure about your next move.
You should use this manual.

You will initially begin in the Astral Realm. You can select your gender and alter your skin and hair color here. Your race, which will be one of the following, is also visible here:

  • Human
  • Mythrol
  • Okupi
  • Tweel
  • Sylis (Snake)
  • Zabrak

Base races provide minor buffs, so your race shouldn’t be build-defining.

Important that this game has a permadeath mechanic. You start with 7 lives and as you die and lose them all you end up in Death’s Workshop.

Life Orb – Stages

Next, you will probably spawn in one of these four locations:

  • Mos Relso
  • Taweret
  • Saro’s Repose
  • Sunlight Glade

To travel to another planet you’ll have to access any transport ship.
After talking to the ship pilot you’ll be given the following options:
Kira, Kashyyk, Tatooine, Illum
Choose the one you want to go to, all for free.

From here on out you’ll probably hear about [CLASSES] and Basic Faction Info (Factions). There are currently five paths you can follow:

Jedi, Sith, Stormtrooper, Bounty Hunter, Rebel

To progress in some classes you’ll need not only credits but also Karma.

To become a Jedi/Sith and start your training you must do the following questline:

  • Lightsaber Quest – Part 1 (Deliver Message)
  • Lightsaber Quest Part 2 (Flowers)
  • Lightsaber Quest Part 3 – Kyber Crystal

After that, you’ll probably be wondering how to get money and EXP fast.

The solution is Basic Postal Info (Postals),

  • Basic Commission Info (Commissions),
  • Ores Basic Info (Mining) and
  • Basic Bounty Info (Bounties).

You gain soul points as you progress which allows you to unlock class-specific abilities while meditating on the skill pads. Skills

The rest you should be able to figure out

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Roblox Force Karma

Karma: Karma is obtained when killing players from an opposing faction. Ex: Jedi X Sith / Sith X Jedi, ect.
Karma is taken when killing players from your own faction. (This is presumed to be a false statement)

You are given 2-5 karma for killing a Base Class.
1-2 Karma is taken when killed by a Base Class.

You are given 3-5 karma for killing a Super Class.
1-3 Karma is taken when killed by a Super Class.

Roblox Force Faction Guide

One can choose from five distinct factions in FORCE to advance in one of them. The player receives a unique icon on the leaderboard indicating the class as they advance. The user can also decide to advance through the ranks in the Roblox and Discord groups, earning titles and occasionally even advantages (like Lore Ranks).

The Jedi Order

The warriors of the Light Side with their main temple being on Illum.
Their rankings are as follows:

  • Force Sensitive
  • Youngling I
  • Youngling II
  • Youngling III
  • Initiate
  • Padawan
  • Jedi Knight
  • Jedi Master
  • Jedi Council
  • Master of the Order
  • Grandmaster

The Jedi Order also has three different divisions being:

  • Jedi Consulars with Jedi Grand Overseer being the leader and Jedi Investigators as the subdivision
  • Jedi Guardians with Jedi Battlemaster being the leader and Arch-Angels as the subdivision
  • Jedi Sentinels with Master of the Mind being the leader and Jedi Temple Guards as the subdivision
  • The Jedi may also be granted one of the following special ranks:

Jedi Champion
Jedi Conqueror

The Rebel Alliance

With Tavli’o Dockbay on Kashyyk and a dock bay on Illum as their primary bases, the Restored and United Rebel Alliance continue to battle for freedom throughout the Galaxy.

Their rankings are as follows:

  • Militiamen
  • Private
  • Private First Class
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Master Sergeant
  • Warrant Officer
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Commander
  • Colonel
  • Major General
  • General
  • Delegation of the Alliance
  • Head of Delegations

The Sith Order

The enforcers of the Dark Side with their main base of operations being Dremuund on Kira.
Their rankings are as follows:

  • Pending
  • Servant
  • Acolyte
  • Disciple
  • Warrior
  • Apprentice
  • Sith Knight
  • Marauder
  • Imperator
  • Celator
  • Sith Lord
  • Darth
  • Dark Council
  • The Voice & Wrath
  • Galactic Emperor

The Sith Empire also has four different divisions being:

  • Executors
  • Battlemasters
  • Revenants
  • Inquisitors with Grand Inquisitor being the leader

The Galactic Empire

The army of Stormtroopers serving The Galactic Empire with their main base of operations being Dremuund on Kira.
Their rankings are as follows:

  • Enlisted
  • Private
  • Private First Class
  • Lance Corporal
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Sergeant First Class
  • First Sergeant
  • Master Sergeant
  • Sergeant Major
  • Warrant Officer
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Executive Officer
  • Commander
  • Marshal Commander
  • The Supreme Commander
  • Dark Council
  • The Voice & Wrath
  • Galactic Emperor

The Galactic Empire also has one division being:

  • The Shadow Troopers with Shadow Captain being the leader

The Bounty Hunters Guild

Scoundrel’s Cave on Tatooine serves as the major operational hub for the Guild of the Bounty Hunters, which is composed of both normal bounty hunters and Mandalorians.

Their rankings are as follows:

  • Awaiting Registration
  • Novice
  • Rookie
  • Experienced
  • Expert
  • Veteran
  • Mandalorian
  • Mandalorian Knight
  • Mandalorian Guardian
  • Mandalorian Elite
  • Commander
  • War Leader
  • Guild Leader

The Bounty Hunter Guild has four different clans led by Clan Vice Leaders and Clan Leaders, with the clans being:

  • Clan Mudhorn
  • Clan Fett
  • Clan Vizsla

The Bounty Hunter Guild also has three special ranks being:

  • Deathwatch squad with Deathwatch Commander being the leader
  • Mando Elite
  • Protector of Mandalore

The Roblox Force Trello [PRE-ALPHA] – Best Race, Faction & Weapon List is now complete. Read further here: a single-player game role.

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