codes for free (September 2022) Gems and Coins codes for free (September 2022) Gems and Coins. Do you want to easily defeat a lot of adversaries in and obtain some free stuff? Then stop searching since we have all the active codes available for you. You can redeem these codes for a ton of in-game goodies by choosing from a list of all the most recent live codes as well as expired ones that we will provide.

In the thrilling bullet-hell roguelike game, your task as the protagonist is to protect yourself from swarms of zombies and other creatures that are racing at you and trying to eat your brains (or just simply kill you). If you can master the fundamentals, it’s a thrilling, highly addicting game that is a ton of fun.

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By offering some helpful codes, we’ll put the emphasis on increasing the enjoyment by enabling you to gain better upgrades and take out those annoying zombies.

ALL ACTIVE SURVIVOR.IO CODES codes for free (September 2022) Gems and Coins codes for free (September 2022) Gems and Coins

There are presently no other codes in the game besides these. Because they are only valid for a short while, be sure to claim them right away.

  • maple leaves – New!

Expired codes

  • no1zombie
  • beryl41
  • namin1004
  • dinter888
  • orange0818
  • stanley234
  • dinter001 – 100 Gems, 5 Energy, 1 Army Key, and 5000 Coins
  • akaoni1207 – 100 Gems, 6 Random Design Pack, and 6666 Coins
  • et1231777 – 100 Gems, 5 Energy, 1 Army Key, and 5000 Coins
  • survivorio811 – 100 Gems, 5000 Coins
  • survivoriotop1 – 300 Gems, 10000 Coins, 3 Random Design Pack
  • oni666 – 100 Gems, 6 Random Design Pack, 6666 Coins
  • 11survivorio08 – 100 Gems, 5000 Coins, 1 Army Key
  • crazyface777 – 100 Gems, 6 Random Design Pack, 6666 Coins
  • 811survivorio – 100 Gems, 5000 Coins
  • yesranger666 – 100 Gems, 6 Random Design Pack, 6666 Coins
  • dinter777 – 100 Gems, 6 Random Design Pack, 6666 Coins
  • 40shuteye – 100 Gems, 6 Random Design Pack, 6666 Coins
  • stanley888 – 100 Gems, 6 Random Design Pack, 6666 Coins


Dangerous zombies are attacking the entire city! City living is dangerous! You are roused by the trial of dreams and forced to take on the heroic role of defending the city!

The crucial thing is that you and the other survivors will need to gather your weapons and battle these awful and scary zombies since you are an unstoppable human fighter!

The horde outnumbers you significantly; one error will result in trouble! You must learn how to survive in an emergency situation! social media channels, the channels that announce the codes:

  • Twitter: @survivio
  • TikTok: ??
  • YouTube: survivio
  • Discord: ?
  • Facebook:
  • Apple Store: Codes download here
  • Google Play: link for Google download
  • Official Web click-in link

Although you do not need to follow them if you do not want to, we will keep the list updated


  • Wipe them out by eliminating a massive 1000+ monsters at once!
  • To control and clear the map, use just one hand!
  • Experience with brand-new, unrestricted rogue-lite skills
  • Experience the excitement of the various challenges of each new stage.

What’s New

Version History Sep 23, 2022 Version 1.5.3

  • Added 10 new chapters and their challenge chapters
  • All-new Daily Challenge feature
  • Newly added Tech Parts feature
  • All-new talent: Metabolism Boost
  • Newly added equipment quality-down feature


In order to redeem the codes, simply follow the steps we’ve listed below!

  • Step 1: Head over to the game’s official redemption page.
  • Step 2: While in-game, head over to the Settings menu (in the Battle tab) and check your Player ID.
  • Step 3: Type in your Player ID on the website, type in the code from the list above, and the  Verification Code.
  • Step 4: Tap on the Redeem button.

The rewards will automatically be sent to your in-game mailbox. Claim them from there and enjoy!

Make sure to bookmark this page or add it to your quick search bar if you want to stay on top of the most recent redeem codes for We’re keeping a watch on all of the game’s social media accounts and will update this list as soon as a new code is available.

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