Treasure of Nadia God shovel | Full Guide 2022

One of the most well-known computer and video game titles is Treasure of Nadia God shovel by LT Media. You embark on an erotic exploration expedition in this adventure game, which is primarily an adventure game. This game is extremely fun to play and tough at the same time because it features 12 gorgeous women.

As you explore the caves, the Treasure of Nadia God shovel game will bring you into contact with these women; if you’re in your mid-life, the game may be extremely enjoyable for you. You will interact with other women you encounter on your quest as you explore the jungles in the game where your goal is to uncover relics in search of hidden wealth.

As a player in the Treasure of Nadia God shovel game, you will have access to a variety of abilities, including the ability to create keys, potions, and much more. In addition, if you want to test out various crafting techniques in the game, you can do so by using the shovel, which you can discover in the treasure of Nadia God, to create various goods.

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The inventory screen

The inventory screen is a feature of the game. However, you may go to this screen by right-clicking the mouse, pressing the escape key, or tapping the escape key.

Your inventory

In the game, there are a lot of things you can gather. To learn a lot about them, you may quickly click on them or use them. Scroll down to see new things as they are added to your game.

Status with the ladies

You can get a variable number of hearts in the Nadia God Shovel treasure. It produces various results depending on your comfort level.

Your tools

Four different items are available in the Treasure of Nadia God shovel game: a shovel, a guide, a metal detector, and boots. Surprisingly, you may upgrade the guide, shovel, and boots while on your quest as you level up. You will also receive immunity to several environmental factors in addition to the boot enhancements.

The talismans you locate will also be improved by the grading guide. On the other hand, you can choose shovel improvements if you wish to accelerate time. To gather up lower-level talismans, shovel upgrades are necessary.

Local map

The game also has a local map that lets you view the various locations that are accessible. You can move between the two rooms, as shown by the green boxes. The local map also mentions red doors. You cannot presently access the area if the doors are red.

You need to learn how to craft seemingly pointless items into good equipment if you want to become a true explorer in the Nadia God shovel game’s treasure. You should also create shovels from shovel components on the other side.

Overall, the game appears straightforward, but you’ll soon discover that you need to add many objects. Your dependable digging tools will improve by adding the artifacts.

In Nadia God’s Treasure, a book about shovels, we will study various things.

How to craft a shovel in the treasure of Nadia God shovel?

Treasure of Nadia God shovel Full Guide
Treasure of Nadia God shovel Full Guide

We’ll start off by talking about the first shovel, which requires the creation of a Jade. Pick up the shovel shaft on Estero Park’s left side to start it. The handle for the backyard shovel needs to be obtained next.

The shovel head is the final component. This Treasure of Nadia God shovel head is available at the Squidward for $80. You must tally up all the components with the Jade amulet you obtained at the game’s commencement before you may enter the native shrine.

This Jade amulet was acquired by you in Estero Park and presto. You have now successfully created your first shovel this moment.

Pirate shovel and swift shovel

There are also two additional optional shovels available. You may create a Swift shovel with these two shovels. You can farm talismans more quickly with the aid of this Swift shovel. The pirate shovel, though, functions equally well.

A carbon shovel shaft must be present in full may bar for the Swift shovel to work. There are also alloy shovel heads, which are available at the store. The super shovel handle that will show up in Estero park is used by scorpions. These can be included by using a silver talisman. Three stone talismans and one silver ore can be used to make it.

Treasure of Nadia God shovel Walkthrough – v 03111

Below is the treasure of Nadia’s walkthrough guide, be patient and read this walkthrough till the end.

V 03111 (1/2)

  • The instructions > meet Diana (Library)
  • To obtain the Stone Talisman, travel to Estero Key, then Home, then Estero Park, where you must present it to Diana.
  • You can now gather talismans (park) to earn money.
  • Talk to Albert at the lighthouse before heading to Full Mast Bar to purchase some alcohol (Dark Rum)
  • You will need the key (bar) to unlock the door on the second floor, so pick up the key (left), take the ID, and then look in the middle of the room for the key. Give Tasha the ID once you have it (bar)
  • Albert (the lighthouse) will accept the Dark Rum in exchange for the binoculars.
  • Utilize the binoculars on the beach and once again at Estero Key to winning over one Naomi
  • Visit the doctors’ office (speak to the staff), the church, and the Squallmart after meeting the girls in Cape Vedra.
  • Sell Diana the talismans, then spend $30 on a massage at the spa.
  • Visit Estero Park to find additional talismans there.

V 03111 (2/2)

  • Speak with Sophia (Mansion)
  • Concerning Sophia, Janet’s home, ask her.
  • Take the empty bottle after visiting Kaley’s room and using the binoculars on the window.
  • Talk to Alia twice to acquire the Unknown treasure (Estero Key).
  • Show Diana the Talisman, then accompany Alia back to get one of Alia’s hearts.
  • There is also one page to collect in order to obtain the chest key: Estero Park > Left.
  • Speak to Ash (Squallmart)
  • Call Alia after purchasing the basic walkway ($10), basic fence ($30), and garden flowers ($20).
  • Spend $60 on a book from SquallMart and read it.
  • To offer Pricia the Jade Talisman, locate it in Estero Park (Parlor)
  • Purchase a dress for Alia (Store)

Treasure of Nadia God shovel Walkthrough – v 06112

  • Follow the two men (on the left) to Estero Park, then climb the stairs to get the chest key.
  • Discover the Small Screwdriver in the cave to the east of the park.
  • Get the administrator’s (the doctor’s office) health insurance ($60 from SqualMart).
  • Leave and speak with Ash
  • To enjoy (+1 Kaley’s heart), go to Janet’s house, wait till she leaves, enter, go up the stairs, and use the restroom.
  • With the screwdriver, unlock Janet’s bedroom door and get the erotic novel.
  • Ask Diana about the book once you arrive at the library.
  • Take “A Sinful Affair” and present it to Naomi after speaking with her outside.
  • Give Naomi (+1 heart) the cocktail “S*ex on the beach” that you purchased from Full Mast Bar.
  • Take the church key, enter the building, open the chest, and remove the page.
  • Give Ash the key and take the picture.
  • Purchase Naomi an outfit for $400.
  • Invest $200 in gardening plants.
  • Dial Alia (5% required)

Treasure of Nadia God shovel Walkthrough – v 09121

  • Take the Shovel Shaft after speaking with Alia (Estero Park) (left)
  • Enter the cave after Clare and take in the scenery.
  • You may now utilize the native shrine, offer stuff, and attempt to obtain better items in exchange.
  • Speak with Emily at Squallmart while simultaneously investing $80 on the Shiovel Head.
  • Go to the parlor, then the backyard, then take the guy holding the money and the shovel handle.
  • Emily deserves the money (one heart)
  • Speak with Ash (needs $250 for 1 photo) and Diana (library).
  • If you reject the girl’s proposition, sell the Stone Talisman to her for $900.
  • Diana must visit the doctor because she requires a strong magnet.
  • Click the bird to park, then remove the chest key, the MRI room key, and the high-powered magnet from within (left room)
  • Give Diana the powerful magnet (plus one heart).
  • Crack open the cave’s chest.
  • Use a jade talisman, a shovel shaft, and a shovel head in a native shrine.
  • A Jade Shovel, a Shovel Handle, and
  • Show Pricia the silver talisman. If you don’t already have one, obtain one from the Native Shrine by using Silver Ore and Three Stone Talismans.
  • Purchase a dress ($400) and the Discount Sofa ($1,000) for Emily, then contact her.

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough – v 11122

  • Observe Alia (Estero Key)
  • Purchase a pipe wrench and a lighter from Squallmart for a total of $80.
  • Use Alia (Estero Key) as a lighter, take in the scene, and get the talismans.
  • Break three vases using the pipe wrench (Library outside, Full Mast Bar outside, and lighthouse outside)
  • Upstairs at Full Mast Bar, use the pipe wrench to mend the pipe and the chest key to unlock it (inside the vase of the Libary)descending, and taking in the sight
  • Speak with the man outside the library before speaking with Ash (Squallmart), then enter the building and speak with Ash once more (Squallmart)
  • Enjoy the sight by following Kaley, Janet’s residence.

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough – v 14011

  • Get the Church Key, the Silver Talisman, and the Broken Camera from the library.
  • Church: Use the church key to unlock the door in the lower left corner. Speak with Madalyn, then use the chamber key in the opposite room.
  • In Estero Park, turn left and then left again to find a circle, a ginseng plant, and a crafting recipe.
  • Circle & Fire: To activate the circle, you must light four fires. There are two in the church (in front of the door to the chamber) and two in
  • Estero Park (1 in the cave and the last one to the right from the circle). After starting the four fires, return to the circle to receive one more Kam page.
  • Visit the doctor ($140), consume the ginseng plant, take in the scenery, and click on the closet (lower right corner). Take the Camera base and the loose screws from the left room after that.
  • Wait for her to turn her head away before selecting the second option in the Tasha minigame to succeed and win.
  • A small screwdriver, a broken camera, the camera base, and several loose screws are found in the cave at the native shrine.
  • Give Ash (Squallmart) the camera, then return it to him (Church)
  • Squallmart: Purchase everything for less than $2,000, including the metal detector and an article of new clothing.
  • Call Tasha and take in the fresh environment.

v 16012

  • Church: Speak with Ash before visiting Squallmart.
  • Estero Park: Turn sharp left, follow Clare, then gather cockroaches, Philadelphia weed, and the ginseng plant (Forget it if according to our walkthrough you already have it). Finally, give Emily the ginseng plant and the philweed.
  • Lighthouse: After speaking with Diana in the library, proceed to the lighthouse to interact with the box and the basement’s hint, and obtain the talisman (break the left vase) and obtain the talisman. To gain a new page, locate the key in the lower-left corner of the beach and unlock the chest.
  • Squallmart: Talk to Ash, then go to the library to put the roaches in a box, then buy the sunscreen there, then speak with Diana (at the beach), then return to the library, ascend the stairs, and purchase the picture.
  • (An additional scene is also present at Estero Key.)

Treasure of Nadia Recipes

The ingredients for every single recipe in the Treasure of Nadia Crafting book are listed here, along with a brief summary of each recipe. Please see our Treasure of Nadia God shovel Walkthrough for more details on the locations of the ingredients, when to use the recipes, and when not to use them.


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