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PUBG New State's gameplay is basically identical to PUBG. On this island, 100 players are dropped via parachutes, but unlike in PUBG, the landing zone is substantially larger this time.
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In addition to the most well-known franchise of online multiplayer games is PUBG New State APK. Since PUBG is the most downloaded and played game worldwide, it is well known to all people. The PUBG family also promotes this game.


The creators of this game elevated PUBG to a futuristic level and transported players to the year 2051. This game introduces the Troi (new map) and the most cutting-edge weapons of the future. Compared to the first PUBG game, 100 players are dropped in a considerably larger region. In an 8 km by 8 km space, 100 players test their fighting prowess in an effort to emerge as the super survivor by battling to the bitter end.

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PUBG New State’s gameplay is basically identical to PUBG. On this island, 100 players are dropped via parachutes, but unlike in PUBG, the landing zone is substantially larger this time. The sites were created with the near future of 2051 in mind.

The name of the map is Troi. It’s game over for you, buddy if you get stuck in this Troi’s blue zone, which is constantly contracting. So, in addition to the other players, beware of this hazard. In comparison to the first edition of PUBG, weapons are also significantly more sophisticated. The latest powerful machine guns, combat shields, drones, and other lethal futuristic weapons are only a few examples.

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PUBG New State Apk Download
PUBG New State Apk Download

Features of PUBG New State APK

Although there are many parallels between this game and the PUBG franchise and many new, cutting-edge features that have elevated the game to new levels. The list below includes some of its cutting-edge aspects that must be discussed.

New Map With Open World

You get a brand-new, futuristic map called Troi with this game. You can travel in time using this map. Your perception of 2051’s places and technologically advanced structures is one of the near future. There is an 8*8 KM broad open area to explore on the map. Instead of the dated and uninteresting grasslands, schools, and containers found in the first PUBG version, there are whole new places and structures.

The blue zone, a further threat, must be understood though. Throughout the game, this area continues to get smaller. You are out of the game if you get caught up in this area.

Aided Battle

The assisted battle mechanism is intended to help you escape a terrible circumstance in which you are stranded and searching for assistance. You can ask for assistance or place a drone called. If you make a support request, assistance from the ground will be given in addition to the assistance you will receive from the drone. When facing a challenging situation, you can choose between two supportive methods.


When you get tired of the old royale battle’s gameplay and graphics, switch to the futuristic PUBG New State APK to enjoy the game’s ultra-realistic graphics, which are among the best in all of mobile gaming.

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