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Solar Smash APK Download Free App For Android & iOS(Latest Version). A useful yet highly pleasant video game called Solar Smash. For you to understand the extent of the assaults you launch, the game also has excellent visual effects.
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Solar Smash APK Download Free App For Android & iOS(Latest Version). A useful yet highly pleasant video game called Solar Smash. For you to understand the extent of the assaults you launch, the game also has excellent visual effects.

For Android, iOS, and PC, go here to download and install the most recent version of Solar Smash APK. The comprehensive download instructions for the Solar Smash App for Android & iPhone are available here. I’ll share the most recent update for this app with you right now.

What is Solar Smash APK?

A rather strange strategy-based video game called Solar Smash APK tests your ability to wipe out an entire planet’s inhabitants by destroying it.

The gameplay of Solar Smash APK is as follows: as soon as the game begins, you will encounter a planet (by default, it is Earth, but other planets might alter that). On the side of the screen, there are a few buttons, each of which represents a distinct interplanetary attack. You will be equipped with black rockets, laser beams, solar radiation, collapsing against other worlds, and other weapons. The aim is to begin attacking the planet and keep doing so until it is destroyed, along with its people of course.

The fact that every planet in Solar Smash APK has a fantastic and realistic 3D design for an even more immersive gameplay experience is an intriguing feature. The number of individuals on the planet, those that are still living, and those you have eliminated can all be found at the bottom of the screen. Since there is a higher concentration of people in the lit-up locations, you may concentrate on getting there more quickly.

Screenshot of Solar Smash APK

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Features of Solar Smash APK

Do you love experimenting and seeing destruction? You’ll be amazed at Solar Smash APK as you can destroy entire planets here!

Destroy Planets

We participated in a lot of science experiments as children, which helped us to appreciate discipline. We tried playing with various items on our own, notwithstanding how risky they can be. Thanks to modern smartphone apps, you may experience what it’s like to demolish objects without risking your safety! Users may self-annihilate planets in the simulation game Solar Smash. This game will be perfect for you if you enjoy watching things destroyed.

For those who find the universe and science fascinating, this game is ideal. As you are aware, there are a lot of dangerous things that might harm our world. Enjoy tracking the life and the dead while destroying several worlds. In Solar Smash APK, you may choose from a variety of destructive tools. There are plenty of them, including nuclear missiles, asteroids, aliens, and black holes. Planets may be destroyed by combining numerous things.

Plenty of Planets

Early on, we discovered that our solar system has a total of 8 planets. We now have a wealth of knowledge on the motion, size, location, and appearance of these planets. You can obliterate up to 8 distinct planets in Solar Smash APK. The first is Earth itself, which is incredibly realistic-looking. Then others resemble both real and imagined worlds.

From gas-filled planets to violet planets, there is even one that resembles a cyborg ball! The fact that you can entirely design your planet here is what I find most remarkable, though. Enjoy modifying its appearance, color, and features!

Track the population

You can keep tabs on the inhabitants of the planet you’re about to destroy in this game. The persons who are still alive and those who have passed away will be visible to you in real-time.

Use many objects of destruction

You may wreak a lot of harm on several worlds, which makes this game quite entertaining. The Earth can be split in two using a laser. Or you may employ nuclear weapons to seriously harm several worlds. A black hole, an asteroid, an alien invasion, a big octopus, and many more obstacles can also be used in some of them.

Realistic animation

The accurate simulation in Solar Smash APK replicates the harm done to planets. You may enjoy destroying the planets in many ways, whatever you decide!


We are excited to introduce you to a game that is both new and well-liked in the android market. Not just another space game, this one. In this, extraterrestrial species and galaxies are being fought, as well as battle, tactics, and cosmic diplomacy. And perhaps, just perhaps. In contrast to everything mentioned before, this is about something deeper and more universal.

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