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The central conflict of Dislyte entails leading a group of espers, or supernatural beings, on a heroic journey through a desolate landscape.
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A futuristic role-playing game with outstanding graphics and music is called Dislyte Mod Apk. The game’s storyline is straightforward: you must put an end to the mayhem that several otherworldly beings are causing around the city.

In Dislyte Mod Apk, you’ll encounter a number of people who you can include on your team for each battle. Several enemies will try to stop you as you advance through the numerous challenges in narrative mode. Choose the most efficient attacks to lower each foe’s critical stats in order to beat them.

Dislyte is a turn-based role-playing game

The central conflict of Dislyte Mod Apk entails leading a group of espers, or supernatural beings, on a heroic journey through a desolate landscape. These magnificent beings possess the skills that the gods of reality have bestowed upon them. Teams of five players, including Espers, will be assembled. With the Espers they summon, they will battle fearsome animals as well as the mysterious entity Miramon.

The setting of the game is a dystopian future in which evil rules supreme in the year 2027. Therefore, it is your duty to protect humanity at any cost. You’ll learn that your character has unique skills and prowess based on a variety of mythology. Once you’ve ascended, you’ll be able to develop and use heavenly skills that were inspired by gods everywhere in the universe.

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Screenshots and Images of Game

Dislyte has a cyberpunk feel about it
Dislyte has a cyberpunk feel about it

Dislyte gameplay

The game is played vertically and is mostly a turn-based battler. The turn order can be seen at the bottom of the screen, depending on how quickly your unit is moving. Each unit has three skills, some of which periodically come back from the cooldown. There is an elemental chart, with the oddest element being the one in the center who is the all-knowing master of none. There are skills for buffing, debuffing, multiple hits, multiple targets, single targets, and more.

Each Relic has a particular rarity and offers random additional stats in addition to fixed bonuses, and each unit can equip up to 6 of them. In addition to their base levels, units can be advanced through a variety of stages for stats, duplicates for “energy” for even more extra stats, and ability levels.

Dislyte has a cyberpunk feel about it

A cyberpunk vibe dominates the game’s graphics. Large skyscrapers, neon lights, and holographic pictures flowing through the streets are the game’s main visual components. The characters in the Dislyte Mod Apk game still have a mythological feel to them despite the simplified form. The game also features a lot of contemporary aesthetics and science-fiction elements. The story has a unique twist even though at times it may seem clichéd.

Dislyte Mod Apk Download
Dislyte Mod Apk Download

The entire game has a cyberpunk theme. The “Espers” or heroes that players can play are influenced by many mythical idols. The game’s Espers each have unique looks and fashion senses, as well as captivating techno-pop soundtracks. 2027 is a beautiful but melancholy year, with shady, dark spots hiding around every corner.

Dislyte Mod Apk features brand-new metropolitan settings in addition to a multi-layered plot. Dislyte’s turn-based gameplay allows players to select one of five characters and engage in combat. The game has a variety of different battle strategies, such as turn-based combat and auto-battle. Players may even manage their phones while playing because of its multi-platform capabilities.

The game has a beautiful cyberpunk concept and unique, colorful character graphics. Despite the game’s misleading advertisements depicting it as trashy and overrated, the graphics and gameplay are both fantastic. Many people are looking forward to playing the cyberpunk-inspired game. The possibility of the Dislyte Mod Apk game becoming a mobile classic is very high.


I’m not sure how you feel about it, but I’ve always liked inventive cyberpunk fiction that is set hundreds of years in the future. And it is precisely what caught my attention when I first observed Dislyte’s fashion.

I really enjoyed discovering Dislyte Mod Apk‘s surroundings. I found the story to be quite entertaining, and the sound effects and graphics were all superb. The game’s mechanics were easy to understand and included conveniences that minimized the time spent farming and grinding.

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