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The same company that created "Wrestling Revolution" and "Super City" also created the original action title "Extra Lives". It has a straightforward foundation.
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Extra Life APK – The same company that created “Wrestling Revolution” and “Super City” also created the original action title “Extra Lives”. It has a straightforward foundation. On a zombie-infested island, you must survive. However, there will be other issues besides zombies.

You may select from more than 30 distinct characters at the game’s opening, many of which are based on well-known figures from movies and video games. Characters like Tupek, Guybrush Threepwood, Lara Croft, and Indiana Jones, for instance, are inspirations for these characters. You are prepared to begin the adventure once you have selected your character. You begin in one of the several walking-accessible shelters on the island. You must stroll across the map from one side to the other to go from one side of the island to the other.

What is Extra Life APK?

Rating for Extra Life APK Content On Android devices that support API 21 and above, Mature 17+ may be downloaded and installed. It contains violence, blood and gore, and sexual themes.

See how long you can make it in a world filled with vicious humans and foolish zombies! Build distinctive connections with nearly 200 characters distributed throughout 8 battle groups, each with their viewpoints on the nature of the issue and possible solutions. Explore more than 50 distinct areas as you go about the city to put the city back in order. There are hundreds of interactive things to assist you in doing this.

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Features of Extra Life APK

Create Your Story

The player will have several options and choose numerous actions in the visual novel game Extra Life APK. Your fate or destiny will be determined by each action you do. You may meet women and go on dates with them. You’ll set out to kill every zombie in the early levels. Come quickly and enjoy the game as many tasks and difficulties are waiting for you. Restoring order and coming up with a tale of your choosing are your key objectives. You will undoubtedly succeed in the game if you keep upgrading your characters. Interestingly, the game has explicit sexual material and themes.

Exceptional Combat System

Zombies are not that simple to fight. Many of the monsters you encounter might endanger your life. Because the game was influenced by the Wrestling Revolution series, you may encounter several zombie hordes. Gather the weapons, give them to your characters, and defeat every foe. Although the game is free to play, users can “infinitely” upgrade to improve their performance. The zombies are also entirely under your control. It implies that you have some control over how many zombies will oppose you.


In the survival game Extra Life APK, you must devise strategies to fend off the hungry zombies. You can converse with other individuals thanks to it as well. You have fresh chances and a new life. What will you do then? Can you improve your life? Everything hinges on your decisions. The game is currently being developed, so keep checking back. Share it with your loved ones if you find it enjoyable. Thanks!

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