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An open-world role-playing game called Fading City Apk is available. The focus of this game app is surviving zombie attacks.
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Open-world survival video game Fading City Apk was created by NetEase Games and Seven Studios utilizing Unreal Engine 4. (UE4). This lonely online game can be played by up to four players. Veda was an ancient, deserted city. The frightening environment of the Fading City App is full of bandits and zombies. Players can build defenses, gather weapons and gear, and attempt to survive.

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What is Fading City Apk?

An open-world role-playing game called Fading City Apk is available. The focus of this game app is surviving zombie attacks. You have to finish various missions while taking out numerous waves of nasty enemies. Download it and have fun with the game.

It’s a fun game to play when you have free time. Furthermore, there are a few people trapped amid zombies who are attempting to harm them because the game is about a story. Therefore, if you are harmed or bitten by one of these deceased people, you will also pass away.

You are therefore expected to survive the attacks and use the equipment to prevent infection. To avoid that is quite a challenge, and there are several difficulties involved. Thousands of corpses are all around you, and they’re all trying to bite you and hurt you.

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Screenshots and Images of Game

Fading City Apk Download
Fading City Apk Download

The Gameplay

Fading City Apk by Netease is your best option if you’re seeking a game where you have to battle zombies. It is a free game with some premium options that you may play directly on your Android smartphone.

In this open-world game, dead men can be found all around you. The beginning of the game takes place in a place called Weidu. You will find dead bodies and human organs, and the entire city is enveloped in a blue fog. Thus, the situation is quite tense.

You are expected to make it out of the scary situation alive. You have a lot of things that you need to do. You can construct subterranean shelters and arm your vehicles. Use them to solve puzzles and combat. You will also be given a variety of assignments and missions.

Collect Zombies Invasion:

The Vedas were abruptly hidden by a layer of dense fog. The city is destroyed by the zombie invasion, and the remaining people must stay underground to survive. assemble a group to battle the zombies and discover their origin.

Reconstruct your home after exploring the ruins:

Reconstruct your home after exploring the ruins
Reconstruct your home after exploring the ruins

Your crew will find weird treasures and secret items as they explore the 1 million square feet of ruins. To acquire additional resources, work hard! Your efforts will be rewarded.

Fading City Apk Features

  • Free to use and download
  • The top video game for role-playing
  • Internet gaming
  • A variety of services
  • Various game modes
  • Not worth registering
  • Superior performance
  • Graphics for 3D displays
  • Various modes are available
  • A simple-to-use control panel
  • Not a supporter of ads


This zombie-themed role-playing game is one of many of its kind. If you enjoy playing games like this, I recommend downloading the most recent Fading City Apk by clicking the link provided below.

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