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The user of Gauthmath Mod APK must snap a photo of the mathematical issue, exercise, or operation in order to receive solutions. The software automatically starts a chat window when you launch it.
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Do you find math difficult? If so, get Gauthmath MOD APK right away! With the help of this smartphone software, you can quickly identify problems and find solutions by snapping pictures of them. There are no longer any limitations on how many tickets or how much money can be obtained in this modified edition. Download it right away to raise your grades and test results!

Explanations of All Your Math Problems

The user of Gauthmath Mod APK must snap a photo of the mathematical issue, exercise, or operation in order to receive solutions. The software automatically starts a chat window when you launch it. You will scan and send the question here.

Within seconds of verifying and successfully capturing the data, the app will reveal the outcome. The program not only gives us additional steps to the solutions, but it also includes online tutorials that further the explanations.

Users of this math issue solver can get assistance with a variety of math-related questions, including those involving trigonometry operations, algebra, matrices, geometry, calculus, and more. Additionally, you’ll get assistance with word puzzles. Only five complimentary tickets will be given to users. Users will need to invite new users to obtain extra tickets in order to fix other issues.

Screenshots and Images of the App

Gauthmath Mod APK
Gauthmath Mod APK

Features of the Gauthmath App

Through Gauthmath Mod APK, you may get live math tutors who are available around the clock, as well as arithmetic solutions with detailed explanations! Here are a few of the app’s highlights.

Math Homework Buddy

You can get free assistance with your arithmetic assignments using this app. You must use your mobile device to type queries and receive certified mathematicians’ responses. To ask a question instead of typing it out, just take a picture and send it to the conversation. This application is totally free! With the help of a free, portable tutor from Gauthmath, you can improve the effectiveness of your learning and finish your math assignments.

Finding solutions to any arithmetic issues will be a piece of cake with Gauthmath! Leave it to the professionals in this fantastic software if you’re struggling to solve a math problem. In essence, the Gauthmath Mod APK app will become your finest math tutor and provide the right answers. The most dependable math tool in the world is this!

Various Math Topics

You can use the app to find solutions to problems on a variety of arithmetic topics. It addresses a variety of subjects. Without the customer having to pay the price of an actual online teacher, Gauthmath is the fastest way to solve math problems in a variety of subjects. Simply enter your query or take a picture of it to receive immediate feedback from math professionals.

You can find the right answers to Word Problems and other topics right here. Algebra is one of the most well-known subjects in this software (Arithmetic, Expressions, Logarithms, etc.). You will also receive answers for functions, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, matrices, and other topics. Try the app right away to start finding math enjoyable and simple.

Fast Solutions

Answers are always available from experts. Snap a math problem, and you will instantly see the solution! There are thousands of tutors and math professionals available at all times. Once they have a picture of your arithmetic problem, they can nearly immediately provide answers. The best part is that you may get well-explained answers whenever you need them, around the clock.

Your arithmetic examinations and assignments will be lot simpler thanks to the many math experts who are available to you on the app! Make Gauthmath your devoted math tutor right away, and take pleasure in passing math with better scores!

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  • Arithmetic issues involving words
  • Mathematics (Real Numbers; Arithmetic; Set Theory; Expression; Logarithms; Complex Numbers)
  • It has a purpose (linear, quadratic, polynomial, exponential, rational, logarithmic, inverse)
  • Mathematics (geometry, algebra, lines, planes, and lines in space; transformations)
  • An Algebraic Function (Law of Sine and Law of Cosine; Reciprocal Properties)
  • The Area/Tangent Problem (Derivatives, Integrals, Limits)
  • Data analysis and statistics (probability, data representation, random variables, Poisson distributions, normal distributions, confidence intervals)
  • (Algebraic matrices, equations, and matrices)
  • Reasoning and evidence make up (inductive or deductive reasoning).


With the help of commonly asked questions, we have attempted to define the Gauthmath MOD APK in this article completely. You will comprehend every feature of each instrument after reading all the points. Finally, we reach the conclusion that Gauthmath MOD is the only APK entertainment app with so many fantastic and entertaining features.

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