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Genius Studio Japan has made a simulation game called My Sweet Stalker. You will read each page of this game, chapter by chapter, much like a book.
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Japanese anime games are known for their captivating narratives. This is a really appealing love story, My Sweet Stalker, and you are the game’s main character. Enjoy your wonderful romance with attractive women. You will, nevertheless, occasionally run into ironic circumstances. How do you plan to handle them?

What is My Sweet Stalker?

Genius Studio Japan has made a simulation game called My Sweet Stalker. You will read each page of this game, chapter by chapter, much like a book. The unique aspect of this situation is that you can determine how the story will conclude and alter its trajectory. You will be immediately engrossed in its captivating tale in addition to its incredibly lovely and endearing anime characters.

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Screenshots and Images of the Game

My Sweet Stalker MOD APK Download
My Sweet Stalker MOD APK Download


You have a real passion for computers. Joining a confidential online consulting network gives you satisfaction. Work is really steady up until the day a lovely girl shows up and asks for your opinion. Although you are eager to assist, things will suddenly go worse. Things were getting out of hand and that female was quite irate. Even though you blocked her, she still found you. When confronted with her, how would you explain her? Will you be able to get together following such an unexpected and difficult meeting?


The gameplay of My Sweet Stalker is quite straightforward but a lot of fun. You will listen to the characters in the game’s dialogue. You can then understand the issue and the subject matter. Each lengthy discussion will end with a selection of options. Any further changes to the content will be up to you. You can play this game multiple times to witness a variety of developments. That is another factor in why players may play repeatedly without growing tired of it.


  • Mei: Your vivacious childhood friend who sticks with you no matter what. Your anonymous therapy network is only known to Mei, and she has pledged to keep it a secret. But when Mei is the object of your stalkers’ fury, everything becomes evident. Will you safeguard Mei from harm, or does Mei own more than she is permitted?
  • Shiki: I’m a quiet, emotionally detached member of your computer club. Ironically, she starts talking as soon as you give a girl a piece of advice about her issue. You’ve found Shiki to be quite lovely to you since you first started hanging out with her. She’s determined to flee with you after she ends up as your stalker’s next victim. Will you take the necessary steps to protect her, or should you be more worried about your own security?
  • Tatsumi: Shiki’s sister and a gorgeous detective with a quick wit and an even quicker tongue. After something goes wrong with your stalker, you hire her. Tatsumi’s obstinate behavior made it initially appear impossible to identify your stalker. But you soon discover that her strategy actually succeeds. Will you go to whatever lengths to cooperate with her and resolve the case?


MOD APK version of My Sweet Stalker
MOD APK version of My Sweet Stalker

My Sweet Stalker’s graphics aren’t particularly impressive, but it still offers certain perks. The most striking feature is the superb character design. Although the characters aren’t moving, they nevertheless have full expressions and appealing facial expressions, giving the impression of an attractive and adorable anime. The player will have no trouble concentrating on the plot thanks to the background music, which adapts flexibly to the circumstances.

MOD APK version of My Sweet Stalker

MOD feature

  • Free Premium Choice: You will be able to unlock premium options without spending Ruby.

However, the game continues to function regularly after the introduction if you run F1 VM Lite for the MOD version.


You can read a romantic love story by downloading My Sweet Stalker on your computer. Despite the many ups and downs, you will be thrilled with the finale since it is always positive. Right away, our MOD version will provide you with a few extra unique alternatives. You will then have access to more fresh and unique endings. To us, this game is fantastic; how about you?

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