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When accompanied by their attractive and powerful horses, Rival Stars Horse Racing provides the most soothing and exhilarating experience for everyone.
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When accompanied by their attractive and powerful horses, Rival Stars Horse Racing provides the most soothing and exhilarating experience for everyone. The game also employs building or management mechanisms, allowing players to further their own lives or establish optimal conditions for the horses’ development. More horse racing or competition content will progressively become available to users, allowing them to have more fun while overcoming the toughest obstacles.


What is Rival Stars Horse Racing?

Horse racing is a popular sport in several nations, including the United States, Australia, and parts of Europe. Of course, horse racing cannot be compared to football or basketball, but it does provide viewers with drama and excitement on each track. Horse racing is frequently accompanied by a variety of betting options. As a result, the prize pool for this sport is fairly substantial. If you wish to be a horse racer, MyAppsBundle has a game called Rival Stars Horse Racing that you can play today.


PIKPOK, a well-known firm, released this game. They make every effort to give high-quality content and photos to players. You’re undoubtedly familiar with them if you’ve played Into the Dead 2.


Of course, as an athlete, you must maintain control of your horse and defeat other competitors to reach the final finish line. Flat Racing is the format used in Rival Stars Horse Racing. You race on a flat, obstacle-free track that tests horses’ and athletes’ endurance and speed.

There are two arrow keys on the left side of the screen for controls. You control the horse by swiping to the sides (in the left half) to make it travel in the same way. A virtual key to helping you speed up and a virtual key to help you slow down are located on the right side of your screen.

Keep an eye on the energy bar above the screen; if you need to accelerate swiftly during the race’s crucial phases, keep it full and use the Sprint key. Use the Slow Down button to give your horse a few seconds to catch his breath after the sprints to build up the energy bar faster.

Of course, you can’t rest if your opponents are leaving you behind. You can alter the viewing angle by pressing the virtual button with the camera icon to see behind you. You should also keep an eye on the minimap at the top of the screen to show the distance between you and your nearest opponent, as well as the race’s remaining distance.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Screenshot

Rival Stars Horse Racing Screenshot_MyAppsBundle.com

Rival Stars Horse Racing Key Features

  • Launch by creating a beautiful horse rance that meets your preferences and raising new breeds to begin a rewarding career as a horse caregiver or racer.
  • Participate in the most ferocious races with other players and demonstrate exceptional horsemanship to win significant prizes for continued development.
  • Ride with your favorite horses in rural competitions or activities that emphasize riding abilities while beating the records of other competitors.
  • Spend time training, riding, and connecting with kind acts or providing the horse’s favorite foods to strengthen the link with the horse.
  • For more beneficial scenarios, breed new horse species or genes with accessible horses or from friends’ ranches, and even auction for valuable breeds.


As we’ve seen from the numerous conversations and notable features, Rival Star’s horse racing is a terrific game. Owning a stable of horses allows you to train, feed, and compete with them. Never forget that the ultimate goal is to achieve the honor of becoming a great horse rider. To improve the quality of your gaming experience.

We’ve got Rival Stars horse racing mod Apk for you, which includes a lot of premium features for free, so get it now and enjoy being the pride of a great horse rider.

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