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With millions of downloads on Android devices, WhatsApp Plus is a much-improved version of WhatsApp that gives us more features.
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Feb 17, 2023
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For those who want to use two WhatsApp accounts on one device, WhatsApp Plus APK is the most sophisticated and adaptable mod of the original WhatsApp. The program is based on a mod for WhatsApp that was discontinued when its developers improved the primary version of WhatsApp.

The benefit of installing WhatsApp Plus alongside the original WhatsApp is that there are no obstacles. In a private or group chat, you may simply locate lost photos and see the texts that another user has erased. Additionally, if the original WhatsApp is blocked for you, this version of WhatsApp is the best choice.

What is WhatsApp Plus Apk?

With millions of downloads on Android devices, WhatsApp Plus is a much-improved version of WhatsApp that gives us more features. With WhatsApp Plus, you can improve your privacy and forget about the restrictions that come with the official version, plus it has a ton of amazing customizability options.

You can configure automatic reply messages in WhatsApp Plus APK. You can set up messages to be sent at a certain time, like six in the morning. Go to your preferences in WA+ and enable the auto-reply option to configure this feature. The contacts you want to receive the message can then be added, and your messages can be arranged by time. Additionally, you can create contact groups that will be contacted automatically.

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WhatsApp Plus APK Download
WhatsApp Plus APK Download

What are the benefits of WhatsApp Plus?

Users of this WhatsApp Plus APK software can send films and larger files. You can send music and movies as well. You can also conceal your online activity. Anyone who uses WhatsApp will find this to be a valuable tool. It is worth downloading. To acquire the most recent version of this well-known messaging program, make sure you follow these instructions if you wish to upgrade to WhatsApp Plus. Later on, you’ll appreciate that.

Additionally, WhatsApp Plus includes other functions. You can transmit and receive movies in addition to customizing the font and style. When you have read a message in the Stock version, a blue tick appears. The blue tick can be made to only appear when you reply to a message using a function in the WhatsApp+ app. The privacy and security section of the MOD settings includes a link to this option.

A higher level of privacy

A higher level of privacy
A higher level of privacy

With WhatsApp Plus APK, you will have the option to deactivate this feature so you may read the message without making the recipient aware of it if you are one of those individuals who is fascinated to read messages but don’t open them simply because you don’t want to leave people seen.

Because we have all had to answer a message at some point because we simply do not want to leave the look and give the impression that we are ignoring the person, this is one of the uses for which people typically install this program.

Delete messages without leaving a trace

We frequently send messages to other people or groups that we later regret sending or that we transmit inadvertently. This is a very typical occurrence because it may have occurred to all of us at some point.

Although it was one of the most often requested features by users, we can already accomplish this in the new official WhatsApp version. However, in the previous version, if the recipient cannot view the message, they will receive a notification that the message has been erased. With this WhatsApp Plus APK update, we can delete a message without notifying the recipient.

Create a backup of WhatsApp

  • Once we have entered the application, we must search for the three points in the upper right corner.
  • We will go to the Settings option, which is located at the conclusion of the options that show, after clicking on the three points.
  • The second option that will display is CATS, which we must select in the third stage.
  • The backup will be created from the Backup option, which we must select as the fourth step.

It is crucial that after installing WhatsApp Plus APK, we follow the previous procedures to restore our backup, which contains all of our conversations, pictures, and audio files.

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